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About Kids@Therapy

Who is Rachel?

Rachel completed her physiotherapy degree in South Africa in 2007 and has worked in private practice ever since then treating only paediatric clients.  She developed a very strong interest in managing acute respiratory conditions, developmental delays (in especially premature babies), Cerebral Palsy, Plagiocephaly/Torticollis and newborn behaviour and relocated to Rockingham in March 2018. Since then, she has worked across several settings of paediatric physiotherapy including community, intensive therapy, and private clinics to broaden her already extensive experience. Rachel has a play-based approach to facilitating movement and strength development in children. She provides activities for play and home exercise programs and is passionate in developing tailored programs that support children and their families to work towards their goals and increase their independence and confidence in managing their child’s condition. Rachel has recently achieved her Introductory Level C training in Dynamic Movement Intervention (DMI).  Rachel is a dedicated wife to her husband, mother to her two children, and loves to exercise and spend time with her family exploring the beautiful landscapes of Australia.

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